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The Best Marvel Collectibles of 2024 – Sideshow Figures

Explore 2024’s best Marvel collectibles by Sideshow. Dive into our detailed reviews of each iconic figure and enhance your collection.

An Image of 3 different Marvel Collectibles by Sideshow.

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In the world of collectibles, the allure of Marvel characters is unmatched, capturing the imaginations of fans and collectors alike. This year, 2024, brings forth an exceptional lineup of Marvel collectibles from Sideshow, each meticulously crafted to celebrate the iconic heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. From the intricate detailing of armor to the dynamic poses that seem to capture a moment frozen in time, these figures are not just collectibles; they are pieces of art.

In this article, we dive into the best Marvel collectibles avaliable from Sideshow in 2024, showcasing each piece’s unique attributes and the remarkable craftsmanship that makes them stand out. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a new enthusiast, these figures represent the pinnacle of Marvel memorabilia, blending sophisticated design with the spirited essence of their comic book and cinematic counterparts. Join us as we explore these masterpieces, each telling its own story of heroism, conflict, and triumph.

Iron Man Mark III (Construction Version)

Image if the Iron Man Mark III (Construction Version) Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

Dive into the origins of Tony Stark‘s ingenuity with the Iron Man Mark III (Construction Version), a standout piece among Marvel Collectibles. This reissued sixth-scale figure captures a quintessential moment from the first Iron Man film—Tony tweaking the Mark III armor suspended amidst a tangle of wires and cables in his workshop. Standing approximately 39cm tall, the figure boasts a complex network of realistic wires, cables, and a computer board. It features LED light-up eyes, arc reactor, and forearms, alongside metallic paint on the armor and removable parts for dynamic customization. Complete with a specially designed display, this piece is a must-have for fans looking to own a piece of Iron Man history. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your collection with one of the best Marvel collectibles avaliable.

Little Groot

Image if the Little Groot Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

Immerse yourself in the charm of the Guardians of the Galaxy with the delightful Little Groot Marvel collectible. This quarter-scale marvel captures the heartwarming scene of Groot dancing to The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” Featuring three interchangeable head sculpts and special paint application to highlight his unique wooden texture, Little Groot has moveable arms and body, allowing you to recreate his iconic dance. This movie-accurate figure is not just one of the best Marvel collectibles but a source of joy, making it a perfect addition to any display and guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of every Marvel fan.

Black Panther

Image of the Black Panther Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

This 26.5″ tall statue from our Marvel collectibles range captures the essence of T’Challa standing regally on a base inspired by Wakandan design and the panther goddess Bast. Featuring vibrant purple highlights and detailed textures, the statue comes with two interchangeable heads—masked and unmasked—highlighting both the iconic Black Panther look and T’Challa’s royal demeanor. Unquestionably the finest Black Panther & Marvel collectibles available, this piece embodies the spirit of Wakanda and its king’s legacy, making it a pinnacle acquisition for enthusiasts.

The Nano Gauntlet

Image of the Nano Gauntlet Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

This life-size replica of the Nano Gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame stands as a testament to the Avengers’ final stand against Thanos. Measuring at 52cm, the gauntlet features the iconic red and gold of Iron Man’s armor, complete with six LED light-up Infinity Stones across two lighting modes. This exacting reproduction, presented on a custom stand for display, offers a striking addition to any Marvel collection, embodying the hope and resilience of the Avengers.


Image of the Spider-Man Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

Celebrating over six decades of Marvel Comics‘ iconic web-slinger, this limited edition Spider-Man figure is a tribute to Peter Parker’s journey from a bitten schoolboy to a superhero. Limited to just 2,000 pieces, this highly poseable figure features a detailed masked head with interchangeable eye pieces for various expressions and a vibrant classic suit with black web patterning. It comes equipped with signature accessories like a camera, spider-web shooting effects, a Green Goblin miniature, and a comic-inspired backdrop, making it one of our essential Marvel collectibles for collectors and fans of Spider-Man.

Captain America (Endgame)

Image of the Captain America Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

This expertly crafted figure from our list of the best Marvel collectibles captures the essence of Chris Evans as Captain America in Avengers: Endgame, widely celebrated for wearing what we previously deemed the best suit of the MCU’s Infinity Saga. Featuring a newly painted helmeted head with three interchangeable facial expressions and an additional un-helmeted sculpt, this figure mirrors the super-soldier’s strength and determination. Outfitted with his iconic star-spangled shield, a meticulously tailored costume, and accessories like Mjolnir and a broken shield for dramatic recreations, this collectible is a definitive piece for any Captain America fan and a standout in any Marvel collection.

Hulk vs Hulkbuster

Image of the Hulk vs Hulkbuster Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

This is an “incredible” addition to any Marvel collection! The Hulk vs Hulkbuster Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles brings one of the most memorable clashes from the Marvel universe to life with stunning detail and craftsmanship. This maquette not only showcases the intense battle between Bruce Banner’s Hulk and Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster but also highlights the innovative design and technological prowess that Stark embodies. The realistic features, such as the light-up elements and detailed textures, enhance the dynamic nature of this showdown. For fans of the Avengers, this Marvel collectible represents a fantastic blend of art and storytelling, making it a prominent display in any collection. Be warned, though: its grandeur comes with a hefty price tag, not for the faint of heart!

The Scarlet Witch (Deluxe Version)

Image of the Scarlet Witch (Deluxe Version) Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

Immerse yourself in the chaos magic of Wanda Maximoff with this deluxe sixth scale figure of The Scarlet Witch from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a standout addition to our Marvel Collectibles range. Meticulously crafted to resemble Elizabeth Olsen, the figure features a lifelike head sculpt, a tiara, and two styles of front hair sculptures. It boasts a luminous reflective effect on the eyes to mimic her powers and a faithfully recreated costume with weathered effects. This deluxe version also includes exclusive Dreamwalking spell effect accessories, candle diorama pieces, and a specially designed display stand with magic spell graphics, perfect for reenacting her intense spellcasting scenes. A must-have for any Marvel collector, this figure captures the essence of Scarlet Witch’s quest across multiverses.

Silver Surfer

Image of the Silver Surfer Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

Commanding and cosmic, the Silver Surfer Maquette by Sideshow stands at an impressive 25.5 inches tall and is one of our favorite Marvel collectibles. Norrin Radd is captured in a dynamic pose atop his iconic silver board, emerging from a swirling portal as he searches the cosmos under Galactus’s command. The figure’s fully sculpted polyresin form showcases the Silver Surfer’s metallic sheen and stoic demeanor, complemented by his piercing white eyes. Set against a beautifully crafted multi-colored nebula backdrop with star-flecked details, this maquette embodies the power and mystery of the Silver Surfer, making it a standout addition to any Marvel collection.

Iron Man Mark I

Image of the Iron Man Mark I Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

As we add yet another exceptional Iron Man figure to our list of the best Marvel collectibles, the Mark I suit takes us back to the very beginning of Tony Stark’s journey. This diecast model meticulously recreates the first generation of the Iron Man armor, crafted from scraps in a cave. Featuring a newly painted helmeted head sculpt of Robert Downey Jr. and highly-detailed armor parts with real wires and cables, this figure highlights the suit’s rugged complexity. The armor is finished in metallic silver and bronze to emphasize its weathered look. LED light-up functions in the Arc Reactor and forearms, a motor on the back simulating a running engine, and flamethrower effects add dynamic realism. Accompanied by a themed diorama base, this historic Iron Man Mark I collectible is a must-have, standing as a testament to the ingenuity that launched a superhero dynasty.

Wolverine: Berserker Rage

Image of the Wolverine: Berserker Rage Marvel Collectibles Figurine by Sideshow
Image via Sideshow Collectibles

Unleash the wild fury of Wolverine with this imposing 19-inch tall statue from our Marvel collectibles range, capturing the essence of his berserker rage. Positioned in a dark, ominous science facility, Wolverine is depicted in a crouched stance, claws extended, ready to attack. This figure reflects his intense and untamable spirit, dressed in the classic yellow and blue ’90s-era X-Men uniform. The fully sculpted statue features meticulous detailing from his iconic mask to his robust boots and gloves, enhanced by a dramatic red light-up function in the base, adding to the fierce atmosphere. This Wolverine: Berserker Rage Statue stands as the ultimate centerpiece for any X-Men enthusiast’s collection. Secure this symbol of primal power and iconic superhero legacy today.

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As we wrap up our showcase of the best Marvel collectibles available in 2024 by Sideshow, we hope you’ve found the perfect additions to bring superheroic flair to your collection. Each piece, from Iron Man’s historic Mark III in construction to Wolverine’s wild fury, embodies the spirit and legacy of Marvel’s iconic characters.

Looking to explore even more extraordinary Marvel collectibles? Head over to our Shopping Page for an expansive selection of items that are sure to captivate any Marvel fan. At Comic Quarters, we are passionate about bringing you the best in collectibles and memorabilia, and our affiliate partnerships mean that we might receive a commission from your purchases, helping us continue to share our love for Marvel with you. Whether you’re a longtime collector or just starting out, we’re here to help you celebrate your favorite heroes in style. Keep your display shelves ready for more incredible finds & Marvel collectibles from Comic Quarters!

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