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Thrilling Prospect: An Aldis Hodge Green Lantern in the DCU

Aldis Hodge reveals his interest in playing Green Lantern, showcasing his versatility and passion for DC characters.

Image of Aldis Hodge as Hawkman in 'BLACK ADAM' and comic art of John Stewart, amongst news of a potential Aldis Hodge Green Lantern.

Aldis Hodge Green Lantern: A Dream in the Making

Aldis Hodge as Hawkman on the set of Black Adam
Image via Warner Bros.

In an exciting twist for DC Universe enthusiasts, Aldis Hodge, previously known for his commanding portrayal of Hawkman in “Black Adam,” has voiced his interest in stepping into the shoes of another beloved superhero: Green Lantern. The news of Aldis Hodge Green Lantern aspirations has sparked a wave of anticipation and speculation among fans, eager to see his interpretation of the character.

Hodge’s profound connection with the DC Universe, first established through his role as Hawkman, now takes an intriguing turn as he eyes the iconic role of John Stewart, a key figure within the Green Lantern Corps. Speaking on his ambitions in a recent inteview with, Hodge shared:

“I mean, look, I’m open for whatever. I would love to live out the rest of the legacy of Hawkman because we had some amazing plans for him. But also, with John Stewart in sort of a live-action capacity. I mean, I’ve voiced John Stewart in the animated space for years now… But if that became a film adaptation, absolutely. I mean, that was one of my dreams growing up was to be John Stewart in live action. So yeah.”

This candid expression from Hodge not only reveals his willingness to take on new challenges but also underscores his deep commitment to the superhero genre and his dream to embody John Stewart in a live-action setting.

The revelation of Aldis Hodge Green Lantern aspirations comes at a time when the DC Universe is exploring new horizons and possibilities. His background in voicing John Stewart in the animated space and his expressed desire to bring the character to life in a live-action format highlights a significant depth of connection and commitment to the character. Hodge’s readiness to explore this role further illuminates his versatility as an actor and his eagerness to delve into the richly storied world of Green Lantern, offering fans a fresh and exciting perspective on one of DC’s most iconic heroes.

Aldis Hodge Green Lantern: Beyond Hawkman

Aldis Hodge’s portrayal of Hawkman in “Black Adam” showcased his ability to breathe life into a character that balances the weight of ancient wisdom with the complexities of modern-day heroism. His Hawkman was not just a warrior but a character steeped in history, carrying the burden of countless lives and the wisdom that comes with them. This nuanced performance has set a high bar for character depth and emotional resonance within the superhero genre.

As Hodge expresses his eagerness to take on the mantle of Green Lantern, specifically the role of John Stewart, it’s clear that his ambition is not just to switch superhero capes but to deepen his engagement with the DC Universe through a character with a vastly different background and narrative potential. John Stewart, an architect and a Marine sniper before his induction into the Green Lantern Corps, brings together a blend of creativity, discipline, and leadership unparalleled in the superhero realm. These attributes align well with Hodge’s demonstrated strengths as an actor, suggesting that his portrayal of Stewart could add layers of complexity and relatability to the character.

The Future of Aldis Hodge Green Lantern in the DC Universe

John Stewart Comic Art
Image via DC Comics

The potential for Aldis Hodge Green Lantern to become a reality is further amplified by the upcoming “Lanterns” series, which promises to explore the adventures of the Green Lantern Corps, with John Stewart and Hal Jordan at the helm. Hodge’s expressed interest in the role positions him as a strong candidate to embody the character, offering a vision of John Stewart that could captivate audiences and breathe new life into the Green Lantern saga.

With “Lanterns” described as a “True Detective-type mystery” set within the cosmic expanse of the DC Universe, the show offers a fresh narrative approach to exploring the Green Lantern lore. Aldis Hodge stepping into the role of John Stewart could introduce audiences to a Green Lantern who embodies leadership, strategic acumen, and a profound sense of justice, qualities that Hodge has adeptly demonstrated in his previous roles. His portrayal could deepen the character’s complexity, exploring Stewart’s background as a Marine and architect and how these aspects influence his approach to the cosmic responsibilities of a Green Lantern.

Aldis Hodge Green Lantern: A Visionary Shift for DC

Aldis Hodge at the 2017 Oscars
Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Aldis Hodge’s aspiration to potentially transition from Hawkman to Green Lantern is emblematic of the evolving landscape of the DC Universe. As DC continues to explore diverse storylines and characters, Hodge’s potential involvement as Green Lantern signifies a visionary shift towards a more inclusive and dynamic portrayal of its heroes. His ability to infuse characters with depth, gravitas, and authenticity suggests that Aldis Hodge Green Lantern could become a defining moment for the franchise.

The buzz around an Aldis Hodge Green Lantern has ignited a sense of anticipation and hope among DC fans. His proven talent, coupled with a genuine passion for the superhero genre, positions him as an ideal candidate to bring the complex and heroic character of John Stewart to life. As discussions and developments continue to unfold, the prospect of Aldis Hodge Green Lantern joining the ranks of DC’s cinematic universe remains an exhilarating possibility, offering a glimpse into a future where heroes are as diverse and multifaceted as the audiences who admire them.

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