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1st X-Men ’97 Trailer Breakdown

Back To The 90’s in the X-Men ’97 Trailer We have finally received the first X-Men ’97 Trailer, the revival of the X-Men animated series that ran from 1992 to 1997 was the beginning of the Superhero genre for many Marvel and Comic book fans today. The X-Men animated series allowed comic book fans to finally see their favourite characters come to life and it was very loved by fans. The X-Men represented the part of humanity that were discriminated

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Back To The 90’s in the X-Men ’97 Trailer

We have finally received the first X-Men ’97 Trailer, the revival of the X-Men animated series that ran from 1992 to 1997 was the beginning of the Superhero genre for many Marvel and Comic book fans today. The X-Men animated series allowed comic book fans to finally see their favourite characters come to life and it was very loved by fans. The X-Men represented the part of humanity that were discriminated against a judged by other members of society and they inspired people to fight oppression, the show, further inspired that fight and the show held such a special place in people’s hearts. Marvel would be very different without this show, and now Marvel have decided to revive the old show and bring it to Disney+ with a new art style but keeping with the familiar tone of the original show.

X-Men ’97 will see the classic X-Men come back for another season (hopefully more) to give fans of the original show to feel the nostalgia but give new fans the opportunity to watch the original. After a long wait of very little news we have finally received our first X-Men ’97 Trailer showing our first look at the new animation, as well as a glimpse at what this new season will entail.

Image from the X-Men '97 Trailer
Image via Marvel Animation

The X-Men ’97 Trailer begins with a 90s television set as we watch the finale of the original animated X-Men show with Xavier saying his final farewell to the X-Men and trusting them with his vision of mutants and humans living in harmony. The finale of the X-Men animated series had Xavier, shot with an energy disruptor, which began to slowly kill him so he was taken off world to find a way for him to recover. We see the finale replay in the X-Men ’97 Trailer and we see a shot of the X-Men, along with Magneto, watching Charles leave Earth, the burden of Mutant integration into society now on their shoulders. In the background of the TV set we see a sealed Colossus figure for Uncanny X-Men, another example of how the X-Men ’97 Trailer presents us with the nostalgia of the original show. Along with the figure, we see a framed photograph with Jean Grey and Scott together. Many fans will recognise this from Season 1 where Wolverine lay in bed and held the photo, wishing to be with Jean. However most people will recognise this scene from Season 1 from the internet memes that continue to use this shot.

The X-Men ’97 Trailer then presents us with the new Marvel Animation branding as we see New York but now looking eerily similar to the apocalyptic future that Bishop came from. It could be the case that we may revisit this future in one of the episodes, or we may even be seeing this in present day as time slowly moves to the future where Mutants and Humans have been wiped out by the Sentinels. The trailer then cuts to a ground level shot as a Daily Bugle Newspaper flies across the screen. Now, this is in itself an easter egg, however on the newspaper, headlines make reference to Spider-Man possibly being a mutant as well as Eddie Brock and Peter Parker working at the Bugle.

In the original X-Men animated show, we see crossover episodes with Spider-Man from his own animated show. Although this could simply be a nod to that, it could be possible that the X-Men ’97 Trailer could be eluding to a possible Spider-Man animated revival in the future, only time will tell but fans are eager for this to be true.  As the X-Men ’97 Trailer continues, we see shots of a memorial for Professor X and a funeral shot. What is interesting about this is that Xavier did not die and was only taken off world, so who could the funeral be for? The funeral could be for Xavier, and his body is brought back to Earth for burial, or it could be a shot from another scene of the show where we see one of the main X-Men team die.

Fight for Mutant Rights

Image of the X-Men joined together on the Blackbirf
Image via Marvel Animation

We then cut to outside of what looks like the United Nations building with protestors standing outside all with pickets arguing against mutant rights. In the background, we see one picket with the organisation name ‘FOH’ which stands for Friends of Humanity which is an organisation hellbent on destroying the reputation and image of Mutants in society. We are then presented with soldiers in a field, it could be that these soldiers are attacking the mansion, leading the X-Men to using Genosha as their main base of operations.

The X-Men ’97 Trailer then shows us a shot of Magneto in the UN Building. At the end of the original X-Men show, Magneto decided to avoid any war with humanity for the sake of his old friend Charles so his meeting with the UN could be a further attempt for him to fight for Mutant rights, without the use of violence. However with Magneto, it can be assumed that this will not end well and could be part of the conflict that X-Men must face. We then see a shot of a large temple, with a statue of both Magneto and Professor X in the foreground. What the X-Men ’97 Trailer may be showing us here is Genosha. It could be said that the X-Men will need to relocate to Genosha as the governments of the world start closing in on the X-Men.

After we see flashes of the X-Men getting powered up before seeing a shot with the team all together on the Blackbird jet. Having the X-Men ’97 Trailer show us the whole team together after all this time is a true treat for the fans of the original show. In the team we have Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, Beast, Gambit, Jubilee, Jean Grey, Morph and Bishop with Magneto potentially taking Professor X’s role as the head of the tea, However the X-Men ’97 Trailer present Cyclops as taking a more leadership role.

As the trailer continues we see clips of Storm, now with a brand new hairstyle using her lightning powers. This shot is presented with such power the visuals are stunning to say the least. such an incredible shot and will likely be one of many throughout the season. The art style is very vibrant and colourful and really fits in well with the context of the original show. We then skip to a quick shot of the X-Men entering the night club, more specifically Gambit, Logan, Rogue, Jubilee and Morph, only Morph is now shown in his human form that he usually was seen as in the original show. From what can be gathered from the X-Men ’97 Trailer, Morph will be in his true form throughout unless in public areas.

X-Men Return

The X-Men gather at the mansion in front of Magneto
Image via Marvel Animation

We then cut to Bishop, returning from the original animated series, blasting purple energy from his hands. Bishop is from a future in which the X-Men were all killed by the Sentinels. It could be that Bishop spends time back with the X-Men as the very future of Mutant extinction comes ever closer as we later see the Sentinels make their return. We see a shot of Jean Grey, now pregnant with her child with Scott Summers. In the comics, Scott and Jean have a few children, one of them being Cable who played a large role in the original show. The creators of the revival shows has stated in an interview that Cable and Scott will share a pivotable arc within this new series. What the X-Men ’97 Trailer and the creators could be eluding to is that Jean is going to give birth to Cable by the end of the series, slowly moving closer to the future scenes we have seen previously.

It could be that Jean gives birth to Cable but ends up dying at some point in the series, connecting with the earlier shot of a burial that we were shown. With Jean’s death, Scott could be left to take care of his child alone and Cable gives him support and advice for Scott to guide the baby Nathanial to become the hero that Cable is now. The X-Men ’97 Trailer then builds the hype as we see shots of the Sentinels return and an incredible team up shot with Gambit, on Wolverine’s back, charging his claws with kinetic energy in a combo move type attack.

The camera shows a close up of Cyclops as he says the classic line that fans have been waiting for years to hear once more “To me, my X-Men” as the classic X-Men series opening theme starts as the team slowly build up around Cyclops ready for battle. The X-Men ’97 Trailer already seems to be tailored towards the fans of the original series and it is great to see that the show will most likely include many scenes like this. The final scene of the trailer shows the X-Men in what seems to be the X-Mansion as Magneto stands before them The X-Men seem to be dressed in sports attire as Magneto presents Xavier’s last will and testament leaving everything to Magneto. Magneto leading the X-Men will be an interesting dynamic to witness in the new show and will be exciting for fans to see. From what fans have seen from the X-Men ’97 Trailer, the show will be a true spectacle.

The X-Men ’97 show will premier on Disney+ on March 20th.

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