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Midnight Sons Movie Reportedly in the Works at Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios is reportedly expanding the MCU with a Midnight Sons Movie, bringing together an iconic ensemble of heroes against dark forces.

Midnight Sons Comic Art and Marvel Studios Logo amidst rumors of a potential Midnight Sons Movie.

The Rumor: A Marvel Studios’ Midnight Sons Movie

Amid the ever-swirling maelstrom of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) speculation and fan theories, there’s a new rumor, that Marvel Studios is working on a Midnight Sons Movie. This speculation gained substantial traction following a tweet by the Twitter scooper MyTimeToShineH, known for leaking information on upcoming projects within the entertainment industry. While this user has a track record of accurately predicting Marvel Studios developments, it’s crucial to remember that, at its core, the Midnight Sons movie remains a rumor until officially confirmed by Marvel Studios.

The concept of a Midnight Sons film, featuring a coalition of supernatural and mystic characters, aligns well with the current trajectory of the MCU, particularly with the introduction and development of characters like Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, and the anticipated Blade. These characters, along with others mentioned such as Wong, Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, and potentially even Ghost Rider, point towards Marvel Studios’ growing interest in exploring the darker, more mystical aspects of the Marvel universe. The buzz around these characters and their fit within the Midnight Sons’ lore fuels the speculation and excitement for what could be an epic, genre-blending cinematic event.

However, the excitement and anticipation for the Marvel Studios’ Midnight Sons Movie should be tempered with the understanding that, until official announcements are made, the project exists within the realm of speculation and hopeful fan discourse. The inclusion of characters like Elsa Bloodstone, Wolverine, Wanda Maximoff, Daredevil, Dane Whitman, and Agatha Harkness, along with those rumored like Ghost Rider, showcases the vast potential for such a movie. These characters represent a mix of magic, mysticism, and raw power that could offer a fresh and thrilling dynamic to the MCU’s narrative landscape.

Expected Members in a Midnight Sons Movie

Image of Midnight Sons Comic Art
Image via Marvel Comics

As speculation swirls around the potential project, the Midnight Sons Movie is poised to assemble a diverse and powerful roster of characters from across the mystical and supernatural spectrums of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This unique ensemble promises to bring together heroes and anti-heroes whose expertise ranges from the arcane arts to brute monster strength, setting the stage for a cinematic experience unlike any other in the MCU. The expected members of the Midnight Sons Movie are not only fan favorites but also characters who bring depth, darkness, and a complex array of abilities to the team. Their collective presence in a Midnight Sons Movie would mark a significant expansion of the MCU’s exploration into the supernatural, offering thrilling new narratives and character dynamics. Here’s a closer look at the characters rumored and hoped to headline in the Midnight Sons Movie, each bringing their own unique contributions to this dark and mystic assembly:

Image via Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange

As the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange is a cornerstone of the MCU’s mystical realm. His leadership and magical prowess make him a natural fit for a Midnight Sons Movie, guiding the team against supernatural threats.


Wong, the loyal friend and ally of Doctor Strange, has evolved into a significant character in his own right. His deep knowledge of magic and mystical artifacts will be invaluable to the team in a Midnight Songs Movie.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight, introduced in his Disney+ series, has quickly become a fan favorite. With his connection to the Egyptian god Khonshu, he brings a unique blend of combat skills and supernatural elements to the team.


Though we’ve yet to see him in action in the MCU, Blade’s vampire-hunting legacy is well-known. His inclusion in the Midnight Sons Movie hints at a darker and more visceral combat style against the supernatural.

Werewolf by Night

Introduced in a special on Disney+, Werewolf by Night adds a classic monster-horror element to the team, offering both brute strength and a deep connection to the supernatural world.


Man-Thing, with his ties to the mystical swamps and interdimensional portals, could serve as the team’s gateway to various realms, making him a pivotal character in navigating the multiverse.

Elsa Bloodstone

Introduced in the Werewolf by Night Disney+ special, Elsa Bloodstone is a renowned monster hunter in the comics. Her expertise and arsenal would make her a formidable addition to the Midnight Sons Movie.


While traditionally not associated with the Midnight Sons, the integration of Wolverine into the MCU could add a wild card element to the team, offering unmatched ferocity and combat skills.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda’s immense power and recent explorations into dark magic position her as a powerful ally or adversary. Her involvement could be key to the plot, especially following the events of “WandaVision” and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness“.


With his recent reintroduction into the MCU, Daredevil could bring his street-level perspective and combat prowess to the team, adding a layer of grit and determination.

Dane Whitman

Dane Whitman, also known as the Black Knight, has a mystical heritage that could be further explored in a Midnight Sons Movie, especially with his connections to the Ebony Blade.

Agatha Harkness

After “WandaVision,” Agatha’s knowledge of dark magic and her ambiguous morality could add an interesting dynamic to the team, either as an ally or a manipulative force.

Ghost Rider

Rumored to be joining the MCU, Ghost Rider would be a perfect fit for a Midnight Sons movie, bringing his hellfire, chains, and motorcycle into the supernatural battles.

The Potential Plot and Threats

Image via Marvel Studios

In the shadowy corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where magic and the macabre intertwine, the rumored Marvel Studios’ Midnight Sons Movie holds the promise of delving into uncharted territories of supernatural threats and mystical warfare. While the exact narrative remains a tantalizing mystery, the speculated involvement of characters such as Blade, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, and Wong opens a pandora’s box of narrative possibilities that could redefine the scope of the MCU’s storytelling.

Demonic Invasions and the Role of Blade and Ghost Rider

The inclusion of Blade, the vampire hunter, and Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, in the Midnight Sons roster suggests a plot heavily influenced by battles against vampiric legions or demonic entities. Blade’s relentless crusade against the undead and Ghost Rider’s hellfire-fueled justice could lead the Midnight Sons against a resurgence of vampire clans seeking to dominate the night or demonic forces intent on breaking through dimensional barriers. This threat could be orchestrated by a new, formidable adversary or a known entity in the MCU seeking to harness dark forces beyond their control.

Interdimensional Entities and the Mystical Guidance of Doctor Strange and Wong

Doctor Strange and Wong’s expertise in the mystic arts could be central to the Midnight Sons’ narrative, as they navigate the team through interdimensional challenges. The MCU has teased the existence of countless dimensions, each with its own rules and inhabitants. An interdimensional entity, perhaps a malevolent force from the Dark Dimension or beyond, could threaten the fabric of reality, prompting the Midnight Sons to embark on a quest that spans the multiverse. Their journey could reveal new realms and the intricate balance of magic that binds them, highlighting Doctor Strange and Wong’s roles as not just powerful sorcerers but as guides through the complexities of the cosmos.

Betrayal Within Their Ranks: A Test of Unity and Trust

Adding depth and tension to the narrative, a potential betrayal within the Midnight Sons could serve as a pivotal plot twist. This internal threat could stem from a member’s dark past coming to light, a secret alliance with an enemy, or the corrupting influence of a powerful artifact. Such a betrayal would test the bonds formed between these disparate characters, challenging their trust in one another and their unity as a team. The fallout could lead to a climactic showdown, where the true strength of the Midnight Sons lies not just in their individual powers but in their ability to stand together against internal and external threats.

Integration with the MCU

Image of Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters
Image via Marvel Studios

The anticipation surrounding the rumored Marvel Studios’ Midnight Sons Movie hints at its potential to significantly impact the overarching narrative of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). By delving into the supernatural and mystical elements, the film could serve as a pivotal point, introducing audiences to uncharted territories within the MCU. This focus on the arcane and the occult allows for the exploration of new storylines, menacing villains, and mystical realms that have lingered in the shadows, waiting for their moment in the spotlight. Moreover, the Midnight Sons could become a nexus for crossovers with other MCU properties, seamlessly integrating these enigmatic characters into the expansive tapestry of the MCU and forging connections with established heroes and narratives.

A Portal to the Unknown: Expanding the MCU’s Horizons

The potential of the Midnight Sons Movie to broaden the MCU’s horizons is immense. By incorporating elements of horror and the supernatural, Marvel Studios can introduce a whole new dimension of storytelling, one that complements the existing genres within the universe. This thematic expansion would not only attract fans of horror and dark fantasy but also offer fresh narrative possibilities for character development and world-building. The introduction of new, darker realms and the exploration of the mystical arts could also pave the way for future films and series, setting the stage for an even more diverse and intricate MCU.

Crossovers and Collaborations: Weaving a Richer Narrative Tapestry

The prospect of crossovers with other MCU properties opens up a myriad of possibilities for storyline integration and character interactions. Imagine the Midnight Sons joining forces with the Avengers in a battle against a common enemy or Doctor Strange mentoring a new wave of heroes in the mystic arts. These collaborations could offer a deeper look into the personal journeys of beloved characters, enriching the MCU’s narrative complexity and emotional depth. Additionally, the Midnight Sons could serve as a bridge between the earthly and the ethereal, the scientific and the supernatural, creating a more interconnected and multi-faceted universe.

Final Thoughts: A New Chapter for the MCU

Marvel Studios’ Midnight Sons Movie, should it come to fruition, promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the MCU. With its blend of action, horror, and magic, alongside a diverse ensemble of characters, the film has the potential to explore the darker corners of the Marvel Universe in unprecedented ways. This exploration of the supernatural not only opens up new narrative avenues but also challenges and redefines the concept of a superhero team. As speculation gives way to official announcements and further details, the anticipation for the Midnight Sons Movie continues to build, heralding what could be one of the most thrilling and transformative chapters in the Marvel cinematic saga. In embracing the shadows, the MCU stands on the cusp of revealing a richer, more nuanced world where magic and mystery reign, promising an unforgettable adventure for fans and newcomers alike.

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