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Ryan Gosling Marvel Talks: Exploring 4 Potential Roles

Ryan Gosling is rumored to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), following his role in ‘Barbie’. Here are 4 roles we can see him taking on.

Image of Ryan Gosling from 'BARBIE' Movie and Marvel Studios Logo.

The Hollywood grapevine is abuzz with a new rumor: Ryan Gosling joining Marvel. Gosling, fresh off his role in the highly anticipated “Barbie” movie, might be joining the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This scoop, brought to light by the well-known leaker Daniel Richtman, suggests that Gosling has been in discussions with Marvel Studios’ head honcho, Kevin Feige. The Ryan Gosling Marvel potential involvement opens up a world of possibilities. Known for his diverse acting chops, Gosling could bring a unique flair to any character he portrays. While nothing is set in stone yet, and these talks are still in the rumor phase, the excitement within the Marvel community is palpable. Let’s talk about 4 Ryan Gosling Marvel Roles We Could See in the MCU.

The Ryan Gosling Marvel Roles: Potential Fits in the MCU

1. Ghost Rider: The Tormented Soul

Comic Book art of Ghost Rider
Image via Marvel Comics

One of the potential Ryan Gosling Marvel roles is the iconic Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider, or the Spirit of Vengeance, is a character steeped in darkness and mystique. Gosling’s ability to portray complex, emotionally charged characters makes him an ideal candidate for this role. The character of Ghost Rider, a tormented soul bound to a demonic entity, demands an actor who can embody deep emotional anguish and brooding intensity. Gosling, renowned for his roles in “Drive” and “Only God Forgives,” could bring a new depth to this complex character. His portrayal would align well with the MCU’s recent shift towards darker, more mature themes, potentially revitalizing Ghost Rider and introducing a complexity that resonates with modern audiences​​​.

2. The Beyonder: A Cosmic Enigma

The Beyonder, an omnipotent being from another universe, is rumored to be a character Gosling might portray, especially in the context of the upcoming “Secret Wars.” This role would allow Gosling to showcase a different aspect of his acting range, playing a character with god-like powers and a complex moral compass. This Ryan Gosling Marvel role would showcase a different aspect of his acting range, playing a character with god-like powers and a complex moral compass. The Beyonder‘s potential as the new chief antagonist in ‘Secret Wars,’ highlights a fresh narrative direction for the MCU and a challenging role for Gosling. His diverse performances demonstrate his ability to capture the enigmatic and the introspective, making him a compelling choice for this complex, universe-altering character.”

3. Doctor Doom: The Supreme Villain

Another speculated Ryan Gosling Marvel role is Doctor Doom, one of Marvel’s most iconic villains. Victor Von Doom is a character requiring an actor with substantial range and gravitas, qualities Gosling possesses. His ability to convey complex emotions and a commanding screen presence could bring a fresh and profound depth to this iconic villain. Doctor Doom‘s substantial role in the MCU and potential to be the next big bad on par with Thanos makes this casting a possible game-changer. Gosling’s capability for layered performances, evidenced in films like “Blue Valentine” and “The Place Beyond the Pines,” makes him an ideal candidate for this role. His portrayal could explore Doom’s intricate psyche, revealing the facets of a tyrant, a genius, and a man with deep-seated vulnerabilities, offering a fresh take on one of Marvel’s most iconic antagonists​

4. Cyclops: The X-Men Leader

Comic Book Art of Cyclops from the X-Men
Image via Marvel Comics

Cyclops, a central figure in the X-Men universe, is another character Gosling could embody. As Scott Summers, Gosling would bring the leader of the X-Men to life with his blend of charisma and depth. Cyclops‘ role as a founding member of the X-Men and a key player in the mutant narrative within the MCU presents a unique opportunity for Gosling to portray a hero with complex dynamics and leadership qualities. Gosling could bring a sense of vulnerability and internal conflict to Cyclops, emphasizing the burdens of leadership and personal struggles. This casting would be a significant addition to the MCU as it prepares to integrate mutants into its expansive narrative​.

Ryan Gosling: A Chameleon in Hollywood

Gosling’s diverse portfolio in Hollywood showcases his ability to adapt to various genres and characters. From the charismatic jazz musician in “La La Land” to the introspective and intense roles in “Blade Runner 2049” and “Drive,” Gosling has demonstrated a wide range of acting skills. This versatility makes him an exciting prospect for the MCU, capable of bringing depth, complexity, and charisma to any character he portrays. Seeing a Ryan Gosling Marvel collaboration would be a treat.

Conclusion: A Rumor Worth Following

Image of Ryan Gosling at the 'BARBIE' Premiere.
Image via Getty Images

As of now, the Ryan Gosling Marvel involvement remains a rumor. However, the possibilities are intriguing and offer a glimpse into the future direction of the MCU. These roles, from the fiery Ghost Rider to the cerebral Cyclops, can showcase the dynamic nature of Marvel’s storytelling and its ability to attract top-tier talent like Gosling. Fans and industry watchers are eagerly awaiting confirmation, as any official announcement could have significant implications for the MCU’s future.

Readers interested in these developments can follow Daniel Richtman’s insights on his Patreon page. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting possibility in the Ryan Gosling Marvel Saga.

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